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We are always looking to form new relationships to add to our network.


What Industry Professionals are Saying

Land Owners

Common Ground Consulting works with land owners to realize the full potential of their assets. Forming a team of industry-leading professionals that are well-suited to work on their specific project, we ensure that feasibility and efficiency is prioritized at every step.

We are confident that we can add considerable value to any project, from optimizing yield to saving valuable time via our streamlined company processes.


Common Ground Consulting works alongside experienced developers to ensure that optimal project feasibility and efficiency is obtained.

We handle the day-to-day management and coordination required to streamline the project, allowing the developer to allocate time and resources on other items.


Common Ground Consulting aids builders in the pre-construction phase, gaining permit approvals, and advising builders on potential investments.

The Lower Mainland is rapidly growing; and the need for experienced and skilled contacts in the construction industry has never been more important. We aim to provide our network with valuable construction contacts that can efficiently deliver their projects to the community.


Financiers can use Common Ground Consulting as a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource for their clients in helping to delivering their projects, as well as analyzing project feasibility.

Common Ground Consulting aims to provide our clients with trustworthy contacts in the lending industry, enabling clients to gain funding for their projects.

Professionals & Consultants

We work with professionals of each discipline to execute projects while upholding standards of quality and sound practice. We are cognizant of the amount of effort and passion that each consultant pours into their detailed work.

Common Ground Consulting has developed valuable relationships with different consultants and professionals, providing clients with a network of industry-leading professionals to form the project team.



When looking to successfully invest in real-estate, understanding the realistic yield and expected costs should be your first step.

Common Ground Consulting provides due diligence & feasibility investigations for investment properties. Our analysis provides vital information; from servicing and development requirements to estimations of end product value and interest payments. This ensures that you have a complete understanding of the property prior to making a decision.

Join Our Network

We are always looking to expand our community of established consultants, lenders, investors, developers, realtors, and builders.