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City of Abbotsford Land Use Plans


In 2011-2012, City of Abbotsford staff, residents, students, faculty, and many others came together to imagine what the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) Abbotsford campus and the surrounding neighbourhood could become in the next 30 years. This vision saw UFV continuing to grow and expand a campus that would be integrated with the neighbourhood. The surrounding area was envisioned to become a mixed-use, vibrant community that was walkable and had numerous amenities. The collaborative planning process between the City of Abbotsford and UFV culminated with the completion of the UDistrict Neighbourhood Plan.

Historic Downtown

The City of Abbotsford completed a comprehensive four stage planning process to create the Historic Downtown Neighbourhood Plan (HDNP). The HDNP renews the vision of the neighbourhood and provides an opportunity to celebrate the area’s heritage and enhance the vibrant community that is there today. Historic Downtown is considered by many as one of the ‘hearts’ of Abbotsford, characterized by small-scale, independently-owned businesses, which offer a unique shopping, dining and entertainment experience for locals and visitors alike. The HDNP clarifies how the neigbourhood will evolve to become a complete neighbourhood and city wide destination.

City Centre

The City of Abbotsford completed a comprehensive four stage planning process to create the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan (CCNP). Abbotsford is a young city with multiple historic centres, but no identifiable core. The CCNP provides a new vision for a more populated, attractive, and walkable neighbourhood at the heart of our urban area. With its close proximity to Mill Lake and its strong employment base, the City Centre has the foundation and the potential to become a dynamic and complete neighbourhood. With clearer and stronger land use designations, design guidelines, and policies, the CCNP can help encourages development in Abbotsford’s core.