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Cedar Valley

On November 18, 2019, Council adopted the Cedar Valley Local Area Plan (CVLAP). At the same time, the Cedar Valley Engineering Plan (CVEP) was approved.

Downtown Mission

The document is designed as an action plan to stimulate both private and public investment and improve the economics of the downtown. Some of the actions can be undertaken immediately, while others will occur over time.


The City is undertaking a large planning process for Silverdale to guide future growth and development, and to plan a sustainable and complete community that reflects Silverdale’s unique sense of place. This 3,440 acre area, sometimes known as Southwest Mission, is defined in Mission’s Official Community Plan as the Silverdale Comprehensive Planning Area (SCPA) and is designated for urban growth. Because of SCPA’s large size, planning will be completed within three separate neighbourhoods: Central Neighbourhood, West Neighbourhood and East Neighbourhood. Work on the first Silverdale plan, the Central Neighbourhood Plan, is currently underway.

Stave Heights

On May 16, 2022 Council adopted the Stave Heights Neighbourhood Plan (SHNP) into the Official Community Plan (OCP).Description goes here